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hide and seek comic

Hide 'N Seek!

A new short story was added to the kid's page featuring the unique art of cut colored paper artist Patrick Gannon! See what the fuss is about!

When Worlds Collide!

Mark McKenna, the Comic book artist, incorporates his 2 passions of comic book art and his favorite monkey into two unique lithos. The BANANGERS and The BLA AKA The Banana League of America are homages of Marvel and DC's team books The Avengers and The Justice League of America.

Drawn lovingly as a gift for Mark's 50th birthday by well known comic artist Jim Calafiore (Aquaman, Exiles) these lithos are beautifully printed on 80 lb HOWARD LINEN board and have the texture and high quality that you will come to appreciate.

Serendipity Art Sales

You know that Banana Tail creator Mark McKenna is a professional comic book artist, right? Mark's comic book career expands over 23 years and 6600 pages of comic book work, having worked for Marvel and DC Comics on everybody from Batman to the X Men.

If you want to see more comic book art from your favorite monkey creator, visit Serendipity Art Sales.

Banana Tail...The Sculpture!

Rich Creation International Ltd founder Clive Miners started his model-making company back in 1980, when Clive first settled in Hong Kong. Originally from England, he set out for Hong Kong where he created the original company called Miners Models Ltd, which changed to Miners Micro Concepts and finally settled in on the company name of RCI.

RCI used to do 99% of their business architectural modeling, then later added props, prototypes and eventually ship models. Then Clive opened the doors to a wider range of product that included figurines, diecast cars and trophies as well as more unusual products such as giant-sized scupltures and model interiors.

Now diving into the toy and collectible market, I'm truly fortunate to have had Clive offer me his services and create a one of a kind Banana Tail sculpture prototype.

Would you like to see a Banana Tail collectible? It can happen, but I want to hear it from you Banana Tail fans...

Stages of Banana Tail, the sculpt!

A Word from our Creator

I don't know if you know this, but I've been a comic book artist for 21 years, having worked for both Marvel and DC comics on the likes of The X Men and Spider Man to Batman and The Justice League. There are more then 300 comics that list my name in the credits and 6700 pages that bear my ink lines on them.

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Mark McKenna Comic Art

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble and Banana Tail together!

Banana Tale Press is proud to announce that Banana Tail's Tales and Activities is now being sold by "The World's Largest Bookseller", Barnes & Noble. Banana Tail is now part of B&N's vast stable of wonderful children's books.

Now you can purchase Banana Tail from or at any one of their 797 retail stores (some stores will need to order through distributor).

Banana Tail's Tales and Activities is currently distributed by Baker and Taylor, the east coast's largest book distributor.

Buy yours now from!

Banana Tail the Movie!

Banana Tail is a movie star! Watch the animation now! You will need the free Quicktime Player to watch the movie - get it here!

Movie by Matt Smith

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