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Banana Tail Heads to San Diego Comic-Con 2003

Well Banana Tail hit the west coast, San Diego Comicon to be exact on the July 18th weekend. Although the west coast is not privy to the charm of Banana Tail, Tic Tac and Reena, I will say that the McKenna family got to meet some fine people and representatives from a few multimedia prooduction companies in Southern California.

Tee Shirt sales weren't brisk, but the spaghetti strap tees were a hit with the Aspen Comics booth girls right next to us, and 8 ladies bought them. Carrie and Alison (pictured) put the shirts on and posed for a website photo op. Thanks girls! If you want to check sizes out for your children to own a way cool GROUP HUG tee shirt, please check out the little lady and boy wearing the shirts(pictured), Cassidy is 5 years old and her little brother CJ((3 1/2yrs) are both in kids small tees. By the way, they both can brag that I'm their Uncle Mark!

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Activities Added to the Kids Page!
Updates in the kids' section of the site: new print-out activities added to The Checkerboard Jungle and The Ruby Isles, plus a feature on How to Draw Banana Tail at the Monkeekee Tree!

Banana Tail Visits George L. Cooke Elementary School

"Mark McKenna visited our school on May 6th to a very excited group of children. As excited as the children were to meet Mark throughout his day at our school, he seemed equally excited to get feedback and comments from the 550 children about Banana Tail and his friends.

During his presentation, Mark made his Banana Tail characters come to life as he explained to students the process he experienced while creating and developing his characters. The students relate to his characters due to their authentic personalities. The "buzz" throughout the school is that the students can't wait for the sequel to Banana Tail! We just hope Mark isn't too busy sharing his book with other schools that he can't come back to see us."


Hope Stuart
Assstant Principal
George L. Cooke Elementary School
Monticello, NY

Click below to see pictures from the visit!

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Photo 5

Fun and Games for Children of All Ages!
Updates in the kids' section of the site: a new print-out game added to The Checkerboard Jungle, and a two-page Banana Tail comic book story is now featured at Monkeekee Tree!

News Article - Wizard Universe: A Tail of Comic Proportions
It's all the rage these days - industry veterans making the jump from work-for-hire to self-publishing. Mark McKenna, long time inker on a range of titles including Amazing Spider-man, Wonder Woman, and Wolverine, is no different...or is he? Well, yes, if you consider that his self-publishing venture isn't a comic book at all, but rather a children's book called Banana Tail...

News Article - Banana Tail Meets the Critics
Marvel or better yet, a marvelous book-signing at the Florida Library was held on Sat., Dec. 7. Florida resident and Marvel comic illustrator, Mark, McKenna, delighted his young audience of about twenty-five with a reading of the newly released book, Banana Tail, and showed them how a story idea becomes a book. McKenna explained...

News Article - Inker Mark McKenna Unveils Banana Tail
Mark McKenna is best known to comics fans as inker-extroardinaire working on most a staggering variety of titles from DC, Marvel, Image, Acclaim/Valiant and even Malibu's Ultraverse line. He dropped SBC a note lately about his newest project, which takes quite a departure from what you might expect...

News Article - Pipeline Commentary and Review
Sometimes, things need to get done on the local level. Finding new ways and new formats to distribute comics is, of course, a good thing. However, there are plenty of instances of people out there working on a school-by-school level to introduce children to comics and reading. Added to that movement now is Mark McKenna...


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