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Mark McKenna at Toy Fair International 2005!
Mark McKenna visits Toy Fair and bumps into fantastic children's book illustrator Barbara Lanza. See a picture of Mark and Barbara or a picture of Mark at the Banana Tail display!

Banana Tail on News-A-Rama!
Longtime mainstream comic book inker Mark McKenna has finally realized his dream of doing a childrenís book in the form of Banana Tail. The story of Banana Tail is one that every fan of Winnie the Pooh will adore. Over the past ten years McKenna...

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Sequential Tart Recommends Banana Tail!
There is a place known as Animal Island where some extraordinary creatures live: Banana Tail the monkey, whose tail looks like his favorite food; Tic-Tac the plaid zebra; Reena the rhino, whose hide changes colors; wise old Eggboo the ostrich; and many others...

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New Web Comic Story Posted!
A brand-new three-page Banana Tail comic book story titled "Rub a Dub-Dub on Slubb!" is now featured at Monkeekee Tree. The story features Banana Tail, Tic-Tac, Reena and a mysterious creature named Slubb!

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Check out Serendipity Art Sales's Mark McKenna Collection!
Mark is an inking machine. He has been inking comic books for some 15+ years! Mark has inked over 200 books in his long career! That breaks down to somewhere in the area of about 4500 pages (but who keeps track anyway?). Mr. McKenna has worked regularly on 3 different Punisher titles...

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New Page: Banana Tail Drawings From Our #1 Fans!

Come see these great Banana Tail drawings by some of our #1 fans! Send us your pictures to see them at the Kids' Koloring Korner!


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