‘Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle’ by Mark McKenna: A Fun Children’s Adventure.

August 5, 2020by admin

Banana Tail is a fun-loving story about a mischievous monkey and his friends aimed at ages preschool to six-years-old. The fun-loving Banana Tail and his lovable friends will have kids asking for more.

Written by Mark McKenna with art by Kevin West and Mark McKenna, Banana Tail tells the story of a young monkey who can’t get enough bananas and one day finds his tail to be yellow, much like that of his favorite food.

Along for the ride are his good friends Tic Tac, a checkered skin zebra and Reena the mood color changing rhinoceros. Eventually, you also meet Snare, a near-sighted snake that hangs out with his angry partner in crime, Snap the alligator.

In the latest story, Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle, we learn how Banana Tail met his good friend Tic Tac while on the run from Snare and Snap. It’s a fun page-turner and comes in at a humble 33 pages.

Mark McKenna is no stranger to the creative world. He’s a 35 year veteran of the comic book industry with titles such as BatmanWolverineIron ManThe Incredible Hulk, and most recently Star Wars under his belt. His creator-owned series Banana Tail and Friends is a labor of love that he created when his daughter was four years old and he had just introduced a son into the world.

Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle is the fourth story in the Banana Tail series being preceded by BOOnana Tail Halloween special, released in 2014. Other Banana Tail stories include Banana Tail’s Tales and Activities and Banana Tail’s Colorful Adventure.

Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle is currently on Indiegogo and for a modest $5 pledge, you can get your own digital copy. Pledges go up from there and include prints, sketches by Mark himself, and copies of Mark’s other creator-owned project Combat Jacks.

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Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review copy of this title.