Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.


My newest book, Banana Tail’s Colorful Adventure is categorized as a “Young Readers Graphic Novel” and is a great hard covered book that supports the advancement of new readers.

I have developed a 30 minute power point program that delves into my background and education as well as introducing my family and the creation of the characters and finally what it takes to create a concept to a finished book. A solid hour over all that can be more or less “hands on” based on the age group I am presenting to. My fee range starts at $250 for libraries and $400 for school appearances (traveling expenses not included) depending on whether I’m presenting to a single classroom or entire school. I can also discuss creating a PTOor school fundraiser for your school by “kicking back” a percentage of book sales via the books ordered through current order form. Please inquire about fundraising at

I prefer to work with groups of less then 30 children (doing them in succession, if needed), as there is more warmth and interaction in a smaller group but I am fine dealing with large groups and have spoken in front of as many as 550 children.

If you’d like to read about past presentations, you can click here to see a newspaper article that was written on recent local visit I had at the Florida Public Library and here is a “letter of recommendation” from a wonderful event put on at Monticello’s George L. Cooke Elementary School. I’m happy to travel by car to any location within driving distance of New York, and I’m more than willing to discuss longer distances as well. Below you’ll find a short list of my presentations and convention showings.

I hope to hear from you!