Meet The Cast

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.


A mischievous yet kind-hearted monkey with an unusually colored yellow tail. He’s a sloppy little guy — always leaving a trail of banana peels behind him! He’s always involved in one dilemma or another, and it’s his escaping these situations that make all of his adventures fun.


This friendly and innocent zebra is Banana Tail’s closest friend. He’s a bit timid, but probably the smartest animal in their little gang. Playing the part of advisor and big brother, Tic-Tac is often the one most reluctant to walk into danger. Unfortunately Banana Tail and friends often laugh at Tic-Tac’s warnings.


A small rhinoceros, Reena is the second of Banana Tail’s close friends. Normally pink and innocent by nature, she has the innate ability to change her color to that of her mood, and cannot help herself from doing so. Her moody nature or personality trait makes for some interesting story lines.


An ancient ostrich who resides on the Enchanted Shore of the island. He guards a cave of secrets and the Island’s secret totem poles. He’s older than the hills, and acts as an endless fountain of wisdom and knowledge for Banana Tail.


Snare, the near-sighted snake is usually out to get Banana Tail and his friends, especially when he can see them. He is usually teamed up with his angry partner, Snap the alligator.


A lazy adult hippo that resides in Hog Bog. When Banana Tail needs a sounding board he can go to Slubb for support. Slubb has a unique and distinct birthmark on his oversized belly…a birthmark in the shape of a map of Ooops-N-Ouch Island!